Friday, March 20, 2009

Katy and Jay's Wedding

Although we corresponded through e-mail (and I could tell they were an awesome couple), I only met Katy and Jay as Katy was walking down the isle! (Or rather, down a beautiful walk path amongst trees in Central Park).

Katy and Jay live in Colorado, but decided get married in New York City, amongst family and a few good friends. They were married at the lovely Ladies Pavilion in Central Park, on Feb 23rd, 2009. I watched (and photographed, of course) as Katy climbed up the rocks around the pavilion in her high heels (Katy and Jay love hiking :-)), to find the perfect spot to get married. Even though it was quite chilly, it was a very nice sunny afternoon in the Park, with a bright blue sky (I had been on the same spot the day before and it was gray and rainy). Katy wore a gorgeous jacket over her dress and super-cute matching mittens to protect her from the chilly weather (she looked gorgeous!).

After a beautiful, personal and quite casual ceremony (performed by Eileen Regan), everyone headed to Isabella's for a nice dinner/ reception. You could feel a great real energy amongst Katy and Jay's family and friends (there was really a lot of love in the room). It was a real pleasure to photograph this very intimate wedding.

Besides having an great time, their wedding showed two cool very cool things: (1) I see myself really loving this wedding photography thing (this was my very first solo wedding!); (2) Sometimes, a Monday afternoon wedding, in the winter, can really be just perfect. That is, you really don't need to follow everything on the book to have a really wonderful wedding.

Congratulations, Katy and Jay, and thanks for letting me be part of your beautiful wedding!


  1. Thanks so much, Ananda! I love your write-up (and your photos of course!) of the event. It was so wonderful to have you as our photographer. Since we were planning such a small gathering, we weren't sure if it would be too much to have a professional photographer. But I am SO happy we found you! You were so nice to have with our party - so professional, but you kept the shots fun and energetic (everybody commented on how great you were). I can't say enough good things about your shooting finesse at the event as well as the beauty and creativity with your end product. Your photography is obviously a labor of love, and I'm honored that you were our photographer. I look forward to keeping an eye on your future projects! And having you do some anniversary shots next time we're in the City... Thank You! ~Katy Moses Huggins

  2. I thought I saw photos of the wedding (I did!).... but these, sum-up what the day means. Beautiful! ...Perfect subjects, and wonderful photography.


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