Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peanut Butter and Pigeons: Featured Pictures @ Pomp and Circumstance Magazine

I am part of an awesome collective of NYC photographers called Photodrifting. Jon-Paul Rodriguez, head photo-drifter is lining up some very fun photography projects for the group.

As part of the latest project, we were asked by Pomp and Circumstance magazine to photograph a list of "haughts or nots" which included peanut butter, speed walking, pigeons an street meat (can you guess which ones are haughts and which are haughts?).

I twisted my husband's arm to get some naughty pictures of him (so much fun!). Here are the pictures that the magazine selected.

Update (mid April): I have been giggling a lot from introducing my husband to some of my photography friends who say: "wait! are you the peanut butter guy?".

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