Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ana and Chris's Wedding

Amongst all the photography activity I had last month, I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding as a second photographer to the lovely wedding photographer Amanda Picone.

Anna and Chris got married at the beautiful Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ, early last month. Amanda and I arrived early and got to witness the whole day: from the bride getting ready with a very lively group of family and friends (Anna is Brazilian like me, so I even got to help out with some translating), the groom and groomsmen on the way to the ceremony (I got to ride in the limo with them!), the ceremony, through to the very end of the reception.

It was an amazing wedding! The wedding location was gorgeous and it ended up not mattering one bit that there was some light rain. Anna was a stunning bride (as you can see in the pictures coming up). The ceremony was really moving, ending with a surprise poem from Anna to Chris, which brought out a lot of happy tears... and what a cheerful rowdy wedding party, family and friends partying in the reception!

Like everyone else there, Amanda and I had a really great time! Check out her account of the wedding, including her beautiful pictures... meanwhile, here are some of my pictures...

Congratulations (Parabéns), Anna and Chris!!!


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