Friday, May 15, 2009

Lela and Bubs Elopement

I knew that this Wedding was going to be a lot of fun from the minute Lela's first e-mail. At the time, she didn't know yet where exactly everything would take place, but she knew that: (1) they would elope; (2) it would be in Central Park; (3) they liked vintage with a modern funk flare. I loved them already.

After a couple of months exchanging e-mails with me, Lela and Bubs traveled from Florida in the end of April to elope in New York City. The ceremony was set for late afternoon in Central Park's Shakespeare Garden, which is gorgeous in the Spring. Lela looked stunning ... and vintage with a modern funk flare! Her handsome groom was a perfect fit with the coolest wedding attire I have seen (these two were made for each other). The only thing was that they arrived in the Park a little late (shouldn't every bride be entitled to that?)... so by the time they arrived, their officiant was gone!!!

A missing wedding officiant would probably be a nightmare for many brides out there, but it really turned out to be a great thing in this case. Their truly fabulous local friend, Jo, stepped in to the rescue and improved a beautiful, funny, personal very original ceremony for them.

After the ceremony, Lela, Bubs and Jo headed to The Bubble Lounge for celebratory drinks, food and lots of laughs. We all had a blast!

Congratulations, Lela and Bubs!


  1. Lela and Bubs took the pictures of their elopement to a reception they organized at home a couple of months later (it sounded fantastic!). Their cake is featured (with the recipe!) here:

  2. I love this!! I believe you were also meant for us. You truly made the whole experience for us. I treasure our photos and find myself flipping through our album on a weekly basis or staring at them framed on our wall. We are so grateful for your skill and fab enthusiasm. xo, Lela

  3. Beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting my blog! Oh, and most importantly, GO BRUINS! :)


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