Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lisa and JD's Engagement Shots

In their very first date, Lisa and JD stopped by the beautiful Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Things must have gone very well from there because some time later JD took Lisa back and proposed! ...So when it came to pick a location for their engagement shoot, the choice was clear: we met on the Park for a nice April afternoon engagement session.

After a quick hot chocolate at the Boat House, we headed towards the place where it all started for them. It was so nice to photograph them there! As well a couple of closer shots, I stood back and let them do their thing, which was really fun to watch (they are*so* cute together!Lisa even tried to pick JD up!... you were so close, Lisa :-))... We continued walking through to some of their favorite spots and ended our shoot at Poets Walk, where we all had celebratory hot dogs (which was the last thing missing to make this a perfect afternoon!)

Don't they look so happy together? Congratulations on your engagement, Lisa and JD!

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