Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lisa and JD's Korean Wedding Ceremony: Preview

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photography Lisa and JD's Korean Wedding Ceremony (I photographed their engagement session back in April).

I had a crazy amount of fun covering this Lisa and JD's day. The fun started even before I made it there, when I started learning about traditional Korean wedding ceremonies, the different traditions, the paebaek, etc... but photographing the real thing was just amazing!

Lisa looked gorgeous in her hanbok. JD, the wedding party and various members of the family were also looking great in their beautiful traditional clothes. The ceremony was placid and beautiful and each step was described in Korean and English (it was so nice to be able to understand, but also hear the Korean part!).

The reception after the ceremony was also awesome fun, including performances by Korean dancers, a song played on the flute by the father of the bride and a lively (and super friendly) group of guests.... and JD and Lisa looking so lovely and happy together as a married couple.

I am planning to post a more detailed description of the ceremony and some of the traditions that I learnt about once all the pictures are put together. For the moment, here is a little preview.

Chukha hamnida to Lisa and JD and all the best wishes for their life together!!!!

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