Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jen and Rick's Wedding

This sunny-beautiful-Summery past Saturday, I joined another lovely couple for their wedding.

I met with Jen and a very nice group of women while they were getting ready (her wedding planner, mother, bridesmaids and flower girls - including her gorgeous little baby girl) . It was such a great start for the day: everyone was calm and helping each other get ready and take care of three super-cute little kids. The atmosphere was really great, you could really tell everyone was really happy for Jen. Once everyone was ready, we headed to the Central Park to the Ceremony.

Jen and Rick got married at the Conservatory Gardens (such a gorgeous location!). Jen looked absolutely stunning. As Jen is an opera singer, the ceremony was filled with beautiful music (as well as beautiful words). Jen's sister played the violin, a friend played the guitar, and one of the bridesmaids (a soprano) sang during the unity Candle Lighting. Rick's dad officiated the ceremony and Jen and Rick wrote their own vows. They were so beautiful I had to work hard not to let a couple of tears escape! :-) (this reminds me of a fellow wedding photographer friend, Amanda Picone, who I remember telling me that happens to her when taking pictures of weddings). I love it how they incorporated their friends and family in the ceremony, making it really their own.

From there we headed to an awesome reception at Ill Campanello. The party was really great fun with some very lively guests, toddlers and babies included, kept dancing until the very end!

Congratulations, Jen and Rick and all the very best wishes for you and little Jaz in your life together!

Finally, here are a couple of preview shots...

P.s.: Well-deserved (I promise I don't take any commission :-)) vendor mentions: A big thanks to the awesome wedding planner Kristy Giardino from Milestone Events for doing such a fantastic job organizing the day! Thanks also the super cool Dj Gatsby for such great fun music (hence giving me the opportunity for me to get some fun happy shots).

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