Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monica and Peter's Wedding - Features

As you can see from my previous blog post, I think Monica and Peter's wedding was truly awesome! Apparently others agree with me! Their wedding was also featured on Rock'n'Roll Bride this Sunday (thanks fabulous Kat for posting!!!). The awesome make-up artist, Laura Nadeau also posted a couple of pictures I took of Monica in her beautiful make-up on her photo page.

I hope Monica and Peter are enjoying their blogosphere fame, whenever they are not at the beach or seeing a volcano (they are spending their honeymoon in Hawaii!)! (Congratulations again, guys!)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Monica and Peter's Awesome Wedding at the NYC City Hall

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Monica and Peter (not once, but twice) to photograph their fabulous, different, super-fun, New York wedding.

I met Monica and Peter in a nice sunny morning at the newly renovated city hall. Monica looked beautiful: perfect for the occasion on a simple but super stylish white dress and suit jacket. Peter also looked great, including the removable cast he wore, which should give them a good laugh when they look back in a few years (Peter broke his left hand a couple of weeks before the wedding!). They brought a small group of family and friends with them, including Monica's family all the all the way from Argentina. (I can imagine I would have had so much fun having my overseas family experience the whole city hall wedding thing: getting a number, waiting for it to come up on the screen...). It was a great vibe, with a mixture of English and Spanish, jokes, hugs, smiles and a laid-back and obviously in love bride and groom.

After a few minutes, their number was called and we all headed to one of the chapel rooms... and very soon after came out as husband and wife!

A few days later, I met with them again for their Wedding bash (a.k.a wedding reception). They started their day in a room at the fabulous Tribeca Grand Hotel, where they spent a day in style, relaxing, getting ready and having some fun pre-party drinks. Then they headed to their party venue, just across the street.

They chose to have a private party at the hip Tokyo Bar, a Pop-Japanese-Art-Neon-Anime themed bar with about 60 or so guests. The place is just awesome and the atmosphere was super-cool! (I never knew about this place, I am definitely going back there!). Along with the theme, they brought a bunch of glow sticks for their guests, which was really a lot of fun when everyone started packing the dance floor. There was a lot of music, dancing and delicious "Japanese comfort food" through out the night (guests went back home with their glow sticks and some nice decorated chopsticks as their favors, which I thought was brilliant :-)). It was a truly great party.

I really loved shooting this wedding. The couple and guests were just lovely and I love it how they got out of the mold and did what *they* wanted to celebrate their wedding! You could really tell that everyone genuinely had a blast and it was so nice to see how cute and happy Monica and Peter looked together!

Congratulations, Monica and Peter!!! All the best in your life together! (May you keep having that much fun!).

Here are a few pics (excuse for having more than usual out: it was two events in one :-)).

Well-deserved vendor mentions: DJ Hunter Laine totally rocked!!! The staff at the Tokyo Bar
were totally awesome (and super polite) and finally fabulous makeup artist Laura Nadeau a really gorgeous job on the makeup.

a couple of days later...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Comes love, then comes marriage...

I am doing a quick visit to Colorado (first time in here!) and I took advantage of the trip to say a quick hi to a lovely couple of newlyweds whose wedding I shot this February. It was wonderful Katy and Jay for a very nice Brunch Saturday morning... and to finally see that lovely baby bump I had been hearing about! Katy is radiant and looks so cute with that belly!

We weren't planning on a maternity shoot, but since both Katie and I are photographers* and had our cameras, we couldn't resist taking at least a couple of shots at the end. Here are some...

Congratulations, Katy and Jay!

*I can't wait to see Katy's pictures of her baby in a few months!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photographs featured on the BROOKLYN ARTILLERY @ CastleBraid

I am super-excited to have been invited to exhibit some of my pictures on a very cool event: the first Brooklyn Artillery at Castle Braid art Fest. The show will open to the public this Saturday, September 12th (Friday for press etc.) and will go on until October 31st. The whole thing sounds really awesome. For those of you in New York, I hope you can stop by and check it out!

Here is the description from their press-materials (see more here):

In September, Castle Braid will present the first incarnation of BROOKLYN ARTILLERY, bringing together the best of Brooklyn Arts and Music in the apartments of the new Castle Braid Building at 114 Troutman in Bushwick.

The exhibition will be launched with a two-night launch event showcasing the collective power of Brooklyn's best creative minds. The galleries of the Williamsburg Gallery Association will populate the open apartments and chic garden duplexes of Castle Braid with works by up-and- coming and established artists. Some will reinvent and reimagine the blank canvas of a living space; others will create a bona fide miniature gallery with wine and cheese receptions and a curated rotation of works. On the ground floor and in the landscaped shade of the enclosed courtyard, performers will treat guests to a living, breathing artistic / musical experience, while on designated walls specially invited street and graffiti artists notorious to our neighborhood will have the freedom to transform without the threat of repercussion.

Thank you very much awesome artist/curator Gabriela Alva for inviting me to this!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Samantha and Fabien's Wedding

This Saturday I had a day très magnifique shooting Samantha and Fabien's Wedding.

I arrived in Chappaqua in the morning to walk around and get a couple of shoots of the location, while Sam was having breakfast. I never knew Chappaqua was such a pleasant, very green, fresh air kind of place (so close to NYC too!). The venue was just the most gorgeous, quaint, full of character little place called the Crabtree's Kittle House. It was built in 1790 as a barn, reformed as a lavish home in 1825 and today it is a super-cute little hotel. I love the place! (If I don't go to another wedding there soon, I may find an excuse to drag my husband there for the day :-)).

After a very nice time outside, I met up with Samantha, her mom, step-mom and friend (who was also their witness) while they got ready. It was really great to hear French, English and a lot of joking around as they got ready, doubly fun, as they were making me laugh and I am a sucker for hearing foreign languages... and French just went perfectly with the vintage chic atmosphere of the place (at least in my mind it did :-)). Samantha didn't get nervous until the very end (she is a singer and she said she was getting the same feeling as stage-fright)... and even then she continued joking and laughing with everyone in the room. Samantha's step-mom did her hair (with her mom's help) and she did her own make up. They did a fantastic job: Samantha looked gorgeous!

Fabien and Sam got married outdoors in a beautiful, lush green yard at the Carbtree's Kittle House. It was a lovely happy ceremony which really seemed to suit them perfectly. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour outdoors, with a lot of hugs, kisses (the French kiss twice to greet, just like us Brazilians :-)) and happy conversations.

From there, everyone headed to the dining room for an afternoon filled with drinks, delicious food (I got to try it between shots, and it was amazing!) and a lot of laughs. The place was set up perfectly for them: simple, chique, beautiful, full of character. They took the traditions that they wanted to take and let go of whatever they didn't. Each seat included a cute picture of them with instructions on how to best consume the fois gras that Sam brought all the way from her hometown for her guests to take as favors. Amongst other things, I loved Samantha's dad speech which was both hilarious and really touching (as he talked about his "little monkey"). It was also great to see some of the guests and the newlyweds getting into some lively Austrian music (Fabien's family is from Austria and France).

Everyone was really fun and sweet. I even ended up getting some of those hugs, kisses in the cheek and nice conversations too... as well as the bride insisting on having a toast with me in the end. It was a fantastic fun day!

Congratulations, Samantha and Fabien! Meilleurs voeux! All the best in your life together.

Here are some initial preview shots...

*Well deserved vendor mentions to Gustavo Zuluaga and his tres sympathique crew at Crabtree's KittleHouse for excellent, warm organizing service... the rest was on the bride groom and family who did an awesome job. (These are genuine comments: I don't take commission or anything like that :-))

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