Friday, September 25, 2009

Monica and Peter's Awesome Wedding at the NYC City Hall

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Monica and Peter (not once, but twice) to photograph their fabulous, different, super-fun, New York wedding.

I met Monica and Peter in a nice sunny morning at the newly renovated city hall. Monica looked beautiful: perfect for the occasion on a simple but super stylish white dress and suit jacket. Peter also looked great, including the removable cast he wore, which should give them a good laugh when they look back in a few years (Peter broke his left hand a couple of weeks before the wedding!). They brought a small group of family and friends with them, including Monica's family all the all the way from Argentina. (I can imagine I would have had so much fun having my overseas family experience the whole city hall wedding thing: getting a number, waiting for it to come up on the screen...). It was a great vibe, with a mixture of English and Spanish, jokes, hugs, smiles and a laid-back and obviously in love bride and groom.

After a few minutes, their number was called and we all headed to one of the chapel rooms... and very soon after came out as husband and wife!

A few days later, I met with them again for their Wedding bash (a.k.a wedding reception). They started their day in a room at the fabulous Tribeca Grand Hotel, where they spent a day in style, relaxing, getting ready and having some fun pre-party drinks. Then they headed to their party venue, just across the street.

They chose to have a private party at the hip Tokyo Bar, a Pop-Japanese-Art-Neon-Anime themed bar with about 60 or so guests. The place is just awesome and the atmosphere was super-cool! (I never knew about this place, I am definitely going back there!). Along with the theme, they brought a bunch of glow sticks for their guests, which was really a lot of fun when everyone started packing the dance floor. There was a lot of music, dancing and delicious "Japanese comfort food" through out the night (guests went back home with their glow sticks and some nice decorated chopsticks as their favors, which I thought was brilliant :-)). It was a truly great party.

I really loved shooting this wedding. The couple and guests were just lovely and I love it how they got out of the mold and did what *they* wanted to celebrate their wedding! You could really tell that everyone genuinely had a blast and it was so nice to see how cute and happy Monica and Peter looked together!

Congratulations, Monica and Peter!!! All the best in your life together! (May you keep having that much fun!).

Here are a few pics (excuse for having more than usual out: it was two events in one :-)).

Well-deserved vendor mentions: DJ Hunter Laine totally rocked!!! The staff at the Tokyo Bar
were totally awesome (and super polite) and finally fabulous makeup artist Laura Nadeau a really gorgeous job on the makeup.

a couple of days later...


  1. Hi Ananda,
    I am glad that you enjoyed the wedding. Love the pictures! They truly show everything that happened those two day! You were AWESOME! Somehow you managed to capture every single detail of our wedding.

  2. Thank you so much, Monica!!!!!!!

  3. a compliment for those glorious pictures.
    nice to have met you says the owner of the dancing reebok shoes
    cheers, matti

  4. Wow, the bride is so beautiful, like a model. Very cute couple. Great pix, Ananda!


  5. Qué bonito todo, y qué linda esta pareja! Son fotos al estilo moderno con un toque magistral. Bien hecho.

  6. Muchísimas grácias por la visita y el comentário, Dorothy!


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