Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photographs featured on the BROOKLYN ARTILLERY @ CastleBraid

I am super-excited to have been invited to exhibit some of my pictures on a very cool event: the first Brooklyn Artillery at Castle Braid art Fest. The show will open to the public this Saturday, September 12th (Friday for press etc.) and will go on until October 31st. The whole thing sounds really awesome. For those of you in New York, I hope you can stop by and check it out!

Here is the description from their press-materials (see more here):

In September, Castle Braid will present the first incarnation of BROOKLYN ARTILLERY, bringing together the best of Brooklyn Arts and Music in the apartments of the new Castle Braid Building at 114 Troutman in Bushwick.

The exhibition will be launched with a two-night launch event showcasing the collective power of Brooklyn's best creative minds. The galleries of the Williamsburg Gallery Association will populate the open apartments and chic garden duplexes of Castle Braid with works by up-and- coming and established artists. Some will reinvent and reimagine the blank canvas of a living space; others will create a bona fide miniature gallery with wine and cheese receptions and a curated rotation of works. On the ground floor and in the landscaped shade of the enclosed courtyard, performers will treat guests to a living, breathing artistic / musical experience, while on designated walls specially invited street and graffiti artists notorious to our neighborhood will have the freedom to transform without the threat of repercussion.

Thank you very much awesome artist/curator Gabriela Alva for inviting me to this!

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