Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Janie and Ray's Wedding

It is hard to believe that it has only been a little over a week since I spend a lovely Saturday shooting Janie and Ray's wedding: the weather was really nice then, and now it feels like I am in the Arctics (did we skip Fall?). It even seems that the weather was so nice just for them! Janie and Ray told me that they followed their Chinese heritage and picked a date that gave them good luck and made sure to stick to good Feng Shui. I am not sure if it was just the Feng Shui or all the love put into it, but, as well as the nice weather, it turned out to be a really beautiful wedding.

I met with Janie and her two bridesmaids (her sister and a good friend) at the Carlton at Madison, where they were getting ready. Janie looked happy and calm, which was probably helped by the great job her bridesmaids were doing so that she would have a wonderful day. Janie is already beautiful to begin with and by the time she had her make up and gorgeous dress on she was stunning! It was then that Ray came in with his groomsman to see his bride and join the group for pictures. It was such a nice moment when Ray saw Janie for the first time, these two are so cute together!

After taking some pictures and a limo ride, we arrived at their wedding venue. The ceremony and the reception were in different rooms at the Terrace on the Park, at Flushing Meadows Park. The place looked amazing with a very elegant recurring theme of deep red, white and crystal. Their ceremony had elements of a traditional Buddhist ceremony as well as some parts of their own. This was my first Buddhist ceremony and I just loved it. It was a very peaceful ceremony lead by three monks, whose chanting was really beautiful. This was followed by some fantastic very touching and really funny vows. From there, everyone headed to the gorgeous reception hall (what nice views!) for a great evening with a lot of nice food, music, dancing and a great vibe to celebrate the new couple.

Bai Tou Xie Lao, Janie and Ray!!!! May your life together be as lovely as your wedding day was!

Finally, here are some preview pics:

Well deserved vendor credit: The guys from Allstar DJ did an amazing job of getting the crowd going (great music and beautiful lighting!). Terrace on the Park is a gorgeous space (be warned off the music if you click :-))... and finally, I need to get of the name of the very sweet and professional father an son team of videographers (I'll update it here).

Post-post update: The name of the lovely video graphers are Jonathan and Harry McDevitt and you can contact them at: jonmcd@mail.com. (They were so lovely I had to make sure to hunt their information down!)


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