Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mina and Kevin's Halloween Engagement Shoot

Earlier this week (the week leading up to Halloween), I met the lovely Mina and Kevin for their engagement shoot. Being totally awesome, they decided (agreed :-)) to go for a Halloween Engagement shoot!!! We met in their apartment for their own Sunday morning Halloween party, which included some pumpkin carving, dressing up and some great laughs. I had such a great time with these two! They are the sweetest thing together and so much fun to be around. What a fun e-session to shoot!

Congratulations on your engagement, Mina and all the best wishes for your wedding!

...and Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. These turned out wonderfully, Ananda! You were such a pleasure to work with, you made it so easy! Plus your enthusiasm and creative ideas really made it a great shoot--thank you!

  2. What fun pics! I love how you were able to capture the essence of their fun and loving relationship. And, of course, the cuteness of the pug!

  3. Mina, THank *you* both so much! I had so much fun with you two! I hope you have a great Halloween ... and I am sure your wedding will be wonderful! Keep in touch! Thank you so much for stopping by sashacleo!!! Pugs are sooooo cute! (I am actually set in getting one after meeting Mina and Kevin's girl this weekend!). I love yours too!


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