Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tim's Proposal to Sula and Their Surprise Engagement Shoot

I always love hearing proposal stories. However they happen, they are always such sweet stories and I love the look on the couples faces when they tell them... So I was thrilled when Tim contacted me to actually play a little part on his story (and to actually see it all happen)!

Tim and Sula live in Toronto, but Tim decided to bring Sula right back to where they had their first date all the way in NYC! (How sweet is this guy?!?!) Sula thought that they were coming to New York to get together with her cousin (who was one of Tim's accomplices :-))... Well, just before they were supposed to meet the cousin, they went for an early morning walk on the at the South Street Seaport, overlooking the Brooklyn bridge (the spot where they had their first date)... and then Tim proposed to Sula!!!

After Sula said yes, Tim pointed out to Sula that I was photographing the whole thing (up to this point I was pretty far away, pretending to be taking pictures of the bridge or birds :-)). He planned the whole thing so that they would have some time to celebrate before heading to a surprise engagement shoot on a location of her choosing (which was Central Park, so beautiful in the end of Fall!).

It was so nice to witness such a beautiful moment and to be part of their first day as an engaged couple! Congratulations, Sula and Tim and the best wedding planning and in your life together!!!


  1. love the pics!

    congrats, sula & tim! =D

  2. hi ananda! it's sula :)
    i love the pics so far! can't wait to see the rest!!
    thank you!!

  3. ananda ... you are the best!!
    you made the whole process so easy and smooth - from taking care of the paperwork with seaport to coordinating the timing to keep the whole thing a secret!! thanks for helping me make the day PERFECT! ;)

  4. Tim and Sula, Thank you so much for the lovely comments. It was soooo fun to take picture sof you guys! (Congratulations again!). Kat, thanks so much for stopping by and for the comment.

  5. Beautiful work as always! I think these top secret proposal shoots are my favorite :)

  6. Thank you so much, Amanda! I love your secret proposal shots too! :-)

  7. Wonderful album. And such a nice idea! Well done, Tim. You better keep these memories when you're rowing your boat to work in the Monsoon floodwaters of Dhaka next year (LOL!). Congratulations to both of you.

  8. Touching moments. Thanks for sharing these. Wish you both love, adventure, and prosperity as together you step forward into something wonderous.

  9. Thank you for sharing these. How beautiful! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together.


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