Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!

... happy holidays and a fabulous 2010, everyone!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Courtney and Kyle's Wedding

Earlier this month, I spent my first weekend in Pennsylvania to join the awesome Courtney and Kyle on their wedding day. I had been exchanging e-mails with Courtney for several months and it was really cool to finally meet her on the night before her wedding. I loved her straight away and became even happier to be a part of her wedding as I learnt more about how cool she was (we spent a good couple of hours chatting after she picked me up).

The next morning, I followed Courtney as she got her hair done (look at how very cool was her do below) and got ready. Courtney wore a gorgeous halter top dress and the most amazing black shoes! Her bridesmaids wore white dresses with black sashes, going with the black and white theme of the wedding. I then paid a quick visit to Kyle, his groomsmen and Kyle and Courtney's cuuuuute cheeky little son.

After everyone was ready, we headed to a nice spot (a friend's - who was also the minister - deck) for Kyle's first look at Courtney right in the middle of a snow storm. The day had started clear, but as everyone was finishing getting ready, it started snowing, which was so pretty! Perfect for a gorgeous winter wedding.

From there, we drove (slowly, as it was really snowing) to the wedding venue (Capriotti's in Trescow). Their ceremony was brief, but really beautiful. Courtney's vows were written in French so they could stay only between them and Kyle wrote very beautiful vows for Courtney (writing beautiful words is one of the things he does for Courtney).

The ceremony was followed by a great party to a lot of Beatle songs and other things that were really them. Courtney did and amazing job doing the vast majority of decorations and details herself (she describes many of her DIY projects on her blog). She was also luck to have a bunch of multi-talented friends who did other things such as the her bridesmaids hair... even music composed especially for their ceremony! (Composed by Kyle's best man, Brad Podray, from Nonexistent records). From Courtney's beautiful look to their decision to do a first dance with their son (which was so very cute, even if not exactly as planned), they really chose to do what was right to them... which turned out just wonderful!

Congratulations to Courtney and Kyle and all the best with your continuing love and life together!!!

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