Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boudoir Shoot... featured on Victoria with Roses!

This morning I was thrilled to see my pictures on the gorgeous (and charming) wedding blog Victoria with Roses! (Thank you so much, Victoria for the post!).

Now brace yourselves for the content... a boudoir shoot... featuring (gulp) yours truly! Those of you who know me personally may know that I ironically really suffer if I need to in front of the camera (maybe that is why I started being the one *taking* the pictures early on)... but my husband always complains of my lack of pictures and I thought this would be a lovely surprise for him on valentine's day... (boy was he surprised!).

Here is a little something on the theme. I think more traditional boudoir shots can look very good for the right people... but that is just not us. So I decided to use a more natural style, with a lot of sunlight and wearing things I normally wear.

To make things personal, I included some pictures of a series of photographs that I took ago of him while he was sleeping in beautiful sunlight coming through the window of our tiny Manhattan apartment, a bit over a year ago (you can see some of them here, if you are curious. I love taking pictures of him). I liked how peaceful he was sleeping in the original pictures and I think they have some the love I feel for him, and how cozy our little den is. So I decided to include them and do my boudoir shoot on the same place, under the same sunlight... and for full disclosure, we call each other 'piggy' (which is why I gave him the shirt).

Well, enough chit chat... time to see some booty! :-)

***Warning: you may see more of me that you want to!*** ... but no more than you would if we went to the beach together :-)


  1. Ananda! You inspire me to do so many things! Blog, shoot, and I can't resist it - now I am tempted to fall in love. But for now, I will just walk around calling everyone piggy!

  2. I really like this series. They're gentle and personal...

    Boudoir Photography Tips

  3. Thank you muchly to both of you! Yulia, you are the sweetest little piggy! David, thank you for the visit and comment. Nice tips on your site!

  4. its a cool idea to include the photos!
    and by the way: we have the same nail polish ; )
    it was my NYC color: i was wearing it all the time while i was living there-
    and it will remind forever of this amazing summer i spent in the
    worlds greatest city. sigh. miss it so much.

  5. Thanks for the visit, Liv! Yes, I love that color! I got the idea from my cousin (much yonger than me :-)). In the photo shoot the polish was all messed up, peeling off... but I thought it was cool that way.

  6. I love this. Photos like this are photos of boudoir done right... meaning authentically for you. And I love the inclusion of your photographs of him. This feels so personal. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you so much for the kind comments, ALAL!


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