Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Winter New York Afternoon: Joy and Joe's Engagement Shoot

Joe and Joy love each other and love living in New York. They are also super-cute together, but they are pretty discrete (not big on PDAs), so we picked something simple, nice and very "them" for their engagement: a nice New York afternoon.

We decided to have a warm coffee (at DOMA Gallery and Coffee), walk around Greenwich Village and West Village and finished up with a stop in Grand Central station, which are all cool places linked to their lives in Manhattan (Joe went to grad school at NYU and Joy goes by Grand Station everyday).

It was reaaaaally cold, but they pulled it off very nicely! Isn't Joy gorgeous and stylish even when she is freezing cold? It was great to spend a cozy winter afternoon with these two.

Congratulations on your engagement, Joy and Joe!


  1. Beautiful couple! Amazing photos!

  2. Great pictures, Ananda! It looks like a fun day too.

  3. Thank you, Yulitchka and muito obrigada, Elena!


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