Wednesday, March 17, 2010


To celebrate St. Patrick's day, I decided to do my own green St. Patrick's day parade in my apartment. Here are some green(-ish?) things I found laying around (except for the cup-cakes, which I bought from Baked by Melissa :-)).

Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone!

P.s. 1: This shoot reminds me of two friends: Yulia because of her love of all things green and Amanda Picone for her love of cupcakes. :-)
P.s. 2: Lessons learned during this photoshoot: I should really dust my apartment. I should really buy more vegetables!


  1. Love your green parade. Good luck with your jade, funny I just bought a new pot for mine today - it's getting huge! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Love it! Great job - loving the shots!

  3. Thanks a bunch, guys! Dognbird, my plants are real survivers! They made it when we went to Brazil for a month and our friend "forgot" to stop by and water them!


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