Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tatiana and JC's Wedding: City Hall Extravaganza!

***Warning: Very long post... Sorry, I got carried away. Of course feel free to skip the text and just use your imagination :-)***

Getting married in city hall is a small and intimate kind of thing, which can be very nice, but you need to be up to something quiet and very low key, right? Wrong! Let's look at how Tatiana and JC did City Hall with style!

Tatiana started her day getting ready at the chic Manhattan Elizabeth Arden. She is normally beaaautiful anyway and looked gorgeous with her awesome hair (by the lovely Michele), feather hairpiece and a dress that was just perfect on her... [actually she had four of those throughout the wedding: a dress for the ceremony and the wedding day, another for going out with the small group at the wedding that night (which went with red heels), a dress for the reception (all white up to now) and a blue dress for later on in the reception/party]. Tatiana was super-relaxed, sweet and making me, her friends and the hair/make-up guys smile and laugh... by the time we left, the whole place seemed to be totally in love with her and JC (including me)!

JC met us there and brought her a beautiful bouquet he picked for her (see? no need to go bridezila stressing about flowers). They grabbed a couple of quick hot-dogs and headed to city hall in a limo (they mix casual and fabulous perfectly!), with the coolest looking wedding party ever (you can catch a glimpse of the outfits and shoes from the preview pictures): a couple of friends who came from the wedding from France (JC is from France), a good friend (who is responsible for the two of them meeting) and Tatiana's adorable son.

City hall was packed with couples everywhere (I guess there is a getting-married-before-the-weekend rush on Friday afternoon!). JC and Tatiana made a little party out of it, taking pictures of and posing with other couples and random wedding parties. When we finally made it into a 'chapel', Tatiana told her son that he was going to be the officiant. He was caught by surprise for a couple of seconds, and then went on like a pro, officiating a great pseudo-ceremony for them. By the time he was done (right after, he asked "are you guys really married now?"), the actual officiant came in and told us that we were in the wrong room. So we all walked into the other room to an impromptu bridal march, nicely performed by the group. The ceremony was fun and emotional... and it only took a few minutes!

After the ceremony, we headed to the lovely River Cafe (I had never been before... I am sure going to be back!) for pictures, a delicious lunch, champagne and beautiful views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge... From there, the group headed back to Manhattan to the Standard Hotel, where Tatiana and JC had a room, for more champagne and amazing views. That was my last stop, but when I was leaving, they were going to go on to keep celebrating at a sunset lounge event at the Standard!

The next day, I caught up with them at a crazy fun Russian club called Rasputin (Tatiana is Russian). Tatiana and JC organized a shuttle to take all their friends from Manhattan (leaving Manhattan at 7:40pm and coming back at 3am!). It was sooo much fun, a real treat (I think especially for non-Russians like me who were in for a nice surprise!). As well as a ton of delicious Russian food, there was a pumping live band with different singers singing in Russian, English and Spanish (and wearing all sorts of awesome outfits), folk and modern type performances, lazer/light effects and even rope dancing! As they said in a recording during one of the shows: "aaaah, those Russians!!!").

... So there: city hall weddings can be whatever you want!

Congratulations on your wedding, Tatiana and JC!!! May you continue to be this awesome fun happy family!!!

Extra-credit: Now that I know their names, the awesome singer on the shot below is beautiful Arksana Serija from the band Oxzana and the beautiful lighting is done by Aleksay Nikolaev's company

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  1. Thank you, Sydney Photographer!

  2. HOT HO HOT!!!!! They came out beautiful!
    xoxoxox... Vanessa


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