Monday, March 29, 2010

Yvonne and Lawrence's Early Morning Engagement Shoot

When I talked to the lovely Yvonne and Lawrence about booking their engagement shoot, I suggested (as I often do) that we met early-ish to have more privacy and better light. Usually couples choose to interpret 'early' on a weekend to be 11 am :-), which is totally fine (it is much better to have a happy awake couple than the best lighting/ privacy conditions)... but these guys are real troopers and immediately replied with "how about sunset?".

The good stuff didn't stop there. Yvonne and Lawrence were amazing company: super sweet, funny and very cute with each other (morning crankiness factor = zero!). They picked a gorgeous location and brought cupcakes for a breakfast picnic! What a great way to start the day it turned out to be!

The shoot was at Gantry Plaza Park in Long Island City, since they had their first date and spent a lot of time together there in Long Island City (not too far from the park). The park has a beautiful view of Manhattan as well as some very cool areas. We spent a couple of hours walking around, enjoying the sun (first weekend of Spring), having apple juice* and cupcakes... and taking pictures!... Here are some of them!

Congratulations, Yvonne and Lawrence! All the best with your wedding planning and thank you for a very fun Saturday morning!

*Quote of the morning: "Juicy juice is goodness"


  1. These are amazing photos! You have totally captured who Yvonne and Lawrence are completely!
    I am so ecstatic that Yvonne and Lawrence chose you to do these photos and day of wedding photos -- they have certainly chosen the right person!
    FYI, Yvonne is my cousin and Lawrence is my "cousin-in-law" -- so excited for this wedding! :)

  2. Thank you so very much, K.! I really appreciate it. They are such great people! I can't wait to photograph them at their wedding (and hopefully meet you there too :-)). Thank you for stopping by too, Mr. Shiber (a.k.a. husband)

  3. These are AMAZING photos! You have truly captured who Yvonne and Lawrence are completely!
    I am so ecstatic that Yvonne and Lawrence chose you to do their photos -- they have certainly chosen the right person.
    FYI, Yvonne is my cousin and Lawrence is my "cousin-in-law" -- I cannot wait for this wedding! :)

  4. Love the pics (ALL). Im so happy for Yvonne and Lawrence, They been dating since Hogh School and now they knoting up the knot. Im so happy for them.

  5. Ananda!!! Gente!!! Me perdoa por NUNCA ter visitado seu LINDO BLOG,viu? Que coisa mais caprichosa, cada foto mais emocionante, que trabalho lindo!!!! Que falha a minha, to com vergonha. Já vou colocar seu site no meu rol do blog, MERECE DEMAIS :) Vem aqui em Brasília fazer meu ensaio com o noivo,vem? hihi Depois quero seu e-mail pra te perguntar umas coisas de NY, se puder,né? É que a mamy tah indo aí e queria que ela trouxesse umas coisinhas,rsrs!
    bjssssss e ADOREI seu site e seu blog

  6. Thank you so much, Gabriela! They are the cutest high school sweethearts!

    Muito obrigada pela visita e pelo comentario tão legal, Carol!!! :-) :-) :-). Muito agradecida. Eu adoro os seu blog também! Estou morrendo de vontate de visitar ai, mas como fui em Janeiro vou ter que esperar um pouquinho :-( . Por enquanto, pode mandar suas perguntas sobre NY, que respondo com prazer. (o emu e-mail é Beijos.

  7. I love these. I really loved the one of their shadows kissing.

  8. Thank you so much for the visit and for the nice cheery comment :-) I love your blog, btw!

  9. lovely pictures!!! a fabulous engagement shoot! and congratulations to the happy couple!!


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