Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Live Concert: Dennis Litchman's Brain Cloud and Cangelosi Cards

Very fortunately for me and other fans, Dennis Lichtman and the amazing musicians he plays with (including singer Tamar Korn) were extremely busy playing last month... so I got a chance to catch up with them twice in a week!

Here are some pictures I took of the two performances by Lichtman's Brain Cloud (one at Banjo Jim's and another at the Jalopy Theater)... I also got to take some pictures of the  Cangelosi Cards (which include Dennis and Tamar too), who followed them at the Jalopy theater.

Lichtman's Brain cloud plays country/ western swing and old-time jazz. The Cangelosi Cards play old-time jazz. They are both amazing bands. You can catch up on news of both bands here. (I've also added a video for each band at the end of the post for you to get an idea of how awesome they are).

So, ladies and gentleman, here is Lichtman's Brain Cloud (at Banjo Jim's and the Jalopy theater)...

... and the Cangelosi Cards (at the Jalopy theater):

And here is a video of Lichtman's Brain Cloud:

... and the Cangelosi Cards:


  1. These pictures are awesome! The first one of Tamar looks angelic. Sweet pics!

  2. Kick-ass pics! Well-done. I saw Tamar when I was NYC. She is amazing.

  3. awesome pictures! i love the music.


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