Monday, April 26, 2010

Lynn and Fabio's City Hall Elopement

Earlier this month, Lynn contacted me with a lovely and top secret request: to photograph her elopement about a week later. I thought she was the coolest straight away (it is not often that I hear a bride say: "How about Thursday or Friday next week?" :-)). Lynn let me know that she was very happy with her plans and didn't really need a big production. She didn't have a set time, a big dress or a guest list, but you could really feel how excited she about getting married to Fabio.

When I met Lynn and Fabio at Lynn's apartment about one week later, they were excited (even thought they seemed relaxed) and ready to go. Lynn looked gorgeous: she is beautiful and I absolutely loved her outfit: a gray dress that fit her beautifully, a very cool white jacket and fab black shoes. I love how the colors go together. From there the three of us caught a cab to City Hall.

Once in City Hall, we spent a little while looking for a witness (we thought it would be better for me to keep shooting instead of witnessing... plus I ended up forgetting my license!). After a couple of misses, we found a nice couple who (unlike the previous two trials) was done with their city hall activities for the day and didn't leave a meter running. With the witnesses in place, we didn't have to wait long (city hall was pleasantly empty): we were called for quick but nice ceremony, they were husband and wife!

From there, we went on a walk across the Brooklyn bridge, taking some pictures along the way. It was beautiful sunny afternoon and Lynn and Fabio were happy, in love and just delightful to be around and photograph.  I had such a great time!

Later on, I got an update from Lynn with the announcement where they surprised  everyone they were married!

I just loved this wedding! ... Mainly because it was awesome, but also a little bit because it reminded of my own wedding 2 years ago (it was just the two of us too, and I love the way we did it!).

Congratulations, Lynn and Fabio!!!! All the very best in your life together!


  1. Ananda - These are just beautiful! Thank you again for capturing the story of our special day. You have such a wonderful eye for the scene and the moment.

  2. Thank you guys so much, Lynn! It was a real pleasure to be there covering the day. You guys are lovely! Congratulations!!!

  3. Ananda, suas fotos são mesmo muito delicadas,viu? Ó, te mandei e-mail perguntando dicas de NY, vc viu?

  4. Te respondi lá no meu blog, tah?

  5. Bahahaa. I LOVE the picture of them standing in front of the painting!! It's almost like cheating, but it's so funny! Hahaha. Keep up the great work! :)


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