Monday, September 13, 2010

Trash the Dress Photo Walk

This weekend I joined the fabulous Amanda Picone and other awesome photographers for a fun trash the dress photo walk. Amanda organizes these great informal get togethers with other NYC photographers from time to time and I love it when I am able to make it (always guaranteeded to have a good time and meet cool people). This time she brought a beautiful bride and couple (all recently married) with her.

Here are some of my pictures... *

*I will also add links to posts by the other photographers here if they post it on their blogs, in case you want to see more pictures of these gorgeous people.

UPDATE: Here are the promised other pictures of the day, by some amazing photographers:

Ryan Trupp's post
Natalie Licini (see her taking a picture of me below)

Aren't they gourgeous? ... and here are some behind the scene shots:

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