Monday, December 27, 2010

Giveaway: Tell me your snow stories

Me, early into the snowstorm yesterday
I hope everyone is cozy, warm and preferably holding a hot chocolate after the crazy snow storm yesterday! 

New York is the first place I lived with a real Winter and I never check weather forecasts (unless I am doing a shoot)... so I was completely surprised and jumping with  excitement when I saw yesterdays madness. (In retrospect, I am so sorry for those of you who missed your flights and trains or who were inconvenienced in some other way!)

So I thought that to celebrate (or make up for :-)) the snowpocalypse that we have just gone through, I am doing a quick giveaway. Here is how it goes: share a snow memory with me. It can be a story from your childhood, a picture of you in the snow, a story you read/ saw that was meaningful to you or anything where snow was a part of it. To participate, just add your story to the comments on this post or reply to me @anandalima on twitter by this Sunday (1/2/11). I will randomly select one of the responses (not just the cleverest :-)), which will win a mini-portrait session with me in the new year (great for baby, pregnancy or engagement announcements... or a mini-boudoir!).

Can't wait to see your stories!

Update: I just remembered that you can't post pictures straight here on the comments or on twitter. If you want to share a picture, just post it on my Facebook page and then post the link on the comments here or on twitter.... and if you post both a picture and a story, it counts as two entries! (why not, hey? :-))

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  1. We recently moved to Reno, near Lake Tahoe, and one morning we walked out of the house to the car. It had snowed a lot the night before and everything was blanketed in a beautiful layer of snow. Viola (who is 22 months) loudly proclaimed, "Oooohhh!" I don't know if it was toddler for "snow" or just an expression of amazement. Both seemed completely appropriate!

  2. Brook also submitted a picture, which counts as two entries (see update on the post). You can see her picture here:

  3. Last New Years Eve was the actual due date for my son. I woke up and had no contractions. It was snowing so crossing my fingers, I hoped he wasn't going to come that day. Hubby was at work when I began to have questionable contractions. Sure enough, my doctor wanted to see me before sending me to the hospital...but I couldn't drive. Hubby was at work, so his best friend who worked down the street drove me. Majorly awkward. Sure enough baby was coming...quickly. Thankfully, my husband was able to make it home to drive me. Normally, it would take 15 min to hospital, with snow on the road I was convinced I was going to have baby in car. We made it, albeit...30 minuted before baby Matthew came in to the world.

  4. Thanks so much, Brook and JLMamma for the lovely snow stories! Viola is so very cute!... and what an exciting delivery! :-)

  5. I remember this day so clear..... December 15,2009 I found out that I was pregnant after I bought 10 pregnancy tests (can you tell I am crazy and can you tell that my hubby & I really want to have a It was difficult for us to have a baby. I was pregnant three times and all ended in a miscarriage and I had a D & C done.
    I decided to make it a suprise for my hubby after I found out I was pregnant. I decided to buy him an extra present for Christmas....So the present was 10 pregnancy test all positive in a and a Tshirt that says "Hot Daddy ! " and also a piece of paper that says "We're having a baby " in the my engagement ring box....

    I remember when I give him this was a day, very snowy day before Christmas. Both of us were in our new home and snuggly next to each other....When he opened the present...He was so surprised...Tears were coming down his eyes...and he told me "Now I know what the meaning of hope means ". We both cried because we know that miracles do happen and if you hope for something, it will come true.

    Now we have a beautiful baby girl, Leah...Who we cherish and love for the rest of our lives...She's our princess...I remember the day she was born, hubby told me this : It takes time to meet someone....It takes days & months after months and maybe year(s) to fall in love with someone and get married with that special person...but it only takes a second to fall in love with the birth of your child..

  6. I think it's only fitting that my princess Taise loves winter because she was born on the day of the worst snow storm in 2007...which happened to be Valentines Day. This snow story takes place the following Christmas.

    A few days before Christmas my grandma took sick and was admitted to the hospital. I remember it snowing on Christmas eve and I was so sad that Grandma would be missing out on Taise's first Christmas. On Christmas day we had some family over and we were all talking about how nice it would be to take Taise to the hospital to see Grandma. Unfortunately, the hospital doesn't allow infants to visit patients. So we devised a plan which at first was a joke and then became the real deal. We would go to the hospital with a huge open top bag with a blanket draped over, walk past security and go to Grandmas room, inside the bag would be Taise. I thought this was the most ridiculous idea ever and we'd be caught for sure, but it was a worth a try since we knew just how bad Grandma wanted to see her. So off to the hospital we went, sloshing in all the snow. Once we got there we slipped Taise in the bag, put the blanket over it and proceeded inside. I thought for sure Taise would make noise but surprisingly she didn't. We managed to walk right past security and up to Grandmas room. You can imagine her surprise when we pulled the baby out the bag! I have to admit, that was probably one of the most craziest, funniest, and heartfelt things I've ever done. I can't wait until Taise gets old enough so I can share this story with her too.

    The picture to this story was taken at the house, shortly before we headed to the hospital. We were testing out the bag to make sure she'd fit:-)

  7. Shakima's cuuuuuute picture illustrating her story can be seen on my facebook page, here:

  8. Thank you so much Vivian and Shakima for your beautiful stories! Vivian, I am so happy for your family (and your story made me tear up a little ;-). Shakima, this is at the same time hilarious and so cute and heart warming!

  9. Wow! These are some fab stories. I've lived in New York my whole life and can't think of a single memorable snow experience except driving to school in high school and feeling the tail of my car drifting. FEAR. I remember fear. Oh, and of course playing in the snow with my brother when we were kids. My dad would take us to Bethpage Park to go sledding. Living in NYC, I am not much a fan of the snow. It's pretty for like 5 seconds, than it melts into dirty slush making it impossible to get around. Sorry, you were probably looking for something more romantic haha

  10. Jill, It is specially nice for me to imagine how it was growing up in the snow, being a much later transplant to NYC.... so I love your stories too. Thanks so much for sharing! (... and good luck in the giveaway!)

  11. Thank you so much for all your lovely stories! The contest is now officially closed. I will be drawing the names form a hat and letting you know on my FB page and later here by tonight. Best of luck!


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