Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joe and Joy's Wedding

I am taking a break from weddings as a photographer, for various reasons (among others...)... but not as a guest. This past weekend, I headed to Michigan (with my husband and a bunch of friends from NYC, rather than a humagous suitcase loaded with equipment :-)) for our friends Joe and Joy's wedding. Even though I wasn't the photographer, everything looked so nice so I couldn't resist but take some pictures (making sure not to get in their photographer's way*).

The wedding was summery, colorful and gorgeous... and so much fun! Joy, who is always beautiful, looked amazing (though we will have to wait for pictures from their official photographer to see that: my seat facing Joe... who also looked fab :-)). I will post some vendor info (including their very discrete, smooth operating photographer) below if I get some from J&J (I was too busy having fun to pay attention to such things)... Meanwhile, here are some pictures...

Congratulations Joe and Joy and thank you so much for having us on such a fun, beautiful day! Hope you are having an amazing time in Italy! XOXO

*For uncle Bobs everywhere, this means things like giving the photographer priority for the crucial moments: staying on my seat (and not between the photographer and the bride and groom, or behind them as distracting background); not using flash too much around them in crucial moments, etc... I think their second shooter might have gotten the wrong idea because I seemed to be checking her out several times during the ceremony, but I was just trying to make sure I wasn't sticking my head right in front of their awesome close up of the couple's kiss/ ring exchange etc.  (Note: although I am extra careful as a guest, I don't really mind uncle Bobs when I am the photographer... it is all part of the challenge).

P.s.: I took the picture within this last picture as part of their engagement shoot.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Samantha Grassian: Portraits in Central Park

It's been a while! Things have been very busy both in my photography, life and with other endeavors, but I decided to take a quick break and post one of my many back logged postable materials, lest it shall never be done.

A long while ago (at a time when we needed hot-chocolate breaks rather than blotting-sheet-powder-cold-drink breaks during the shoot), I spend an afternoon taking headshots and promo pictures with the lovely French chanteuse and actress Samantha Grassian. Here are the pics...

Until next time! (Hopefully I can put my next thing on the queue  not too many months away).

(during our hot chocolate break)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures of NYC for the 21st International Book Biennial of São Paulo

As well as being part of various photographer groups, I am part of a great community of Portuguese speakers and teachers called Fale Português, created by Susanna Florissi.  Fale Português organized an amazing space at the 21st International Book Biennial of São Paulo, which, among many other cool things, showed a little video that I put together about Portuguese students in NYC.

All the pictures in the video are pictures that I took while walking around in the city, so I thought I would post it here:

You can find more pictures I took in NYC on my website, here or on my flickr page.

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