Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yatta and Marcelo

In my last trip to Brazil, I had the chance to take some pictures of my beautiful cousin, Yatta, and her lovely husband Marcelo. I always love hanging out with these guys and it was wonderful to be able to see Yatta pregnant. It is so nice that we are pregnant at the same time! 

It was pouring heavy rain on the day of the shoot, but Yatta and Marcelo were great sports and we were able to have fun and get some nice shots. Special thanks to Zé, who improvised some quick but lovely make up (aren't we lucky that a professional make up artist just happened to be hanging out there that day?) and Tia Dalva, Tio Morais and Sandro for the lovely location (even though we were confined to the garage because of the rain :-)).

Parabéns, Yatta e Marcelo! Desejando tudo de bom para vocês e a pequena Maria! (Não vejo a hora de ver a gatinha!!!).

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  1. Que coisa mais linda!!! Yatta ta linda demais barrigudinha.
    Quero ver as suas fotos em breve tambem, Ananda :)

  2. Anandinha...
    Soube por Eza das minhas fotos.... que legal!!!!!
    E onde estão as suas? Eheheheh
    Beijo grande

  3. These photographs are very heart touching!! what a moment!!! wow!!! they must be crazy for the coming guest!!! so sweet!!

  4. Thank you so much, Shabnam! It was such a joy photographing them. They are so happy and excited about their baby (as we are about ours :-)). It was lovely!

  5. Very beautiful. Perpetuate the birth of the baby. I really liked these pictures, extraordinary.


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